"My Red Scar Is Majesty"
"Let me sleep a little longer I want to be dreaming.."
►Name: Yo-ka
►Part: Voice
►Birthday: 10.31
►Blood Type: A
►Height: 5’8”
►Weight: 113 lbs
►R/S: Engaged with "My angel"


Thor’s Helmet


Thor’s Helmet

Shoya’s interview for ROCK AND READ Vol. 053 (part four)


31. In that band, were you still a guitarist? 

Yes, still a guitarist. But it wasn’t professional, it seemed to be more like a continuation of high school. The genre was more like melocore (Melodic hardcore). Thus, the group disappeared by itself. I decided to form a band again, and this time I scored all participants. I determined who will play guitar, who wil play drums. Very well, I decided what everyone played and then I noticed something: we didn’t have a bassist. I thought, what will I do? Maybe it is better for me to become a bass player? Quite by chance, I had a bass at home - I pulled it out and well, I played.

32. From where did you get the bass guitar?

At school, at the same time with the game, I studied making guitars, and I did it myself. From the selection of wood, to determine the shape, cutting, then adding small details - I finished it in about six months.

33. Cool! What kind of music your group played?

The vocalist was a girl and the music we played was more like rock. But the period of activity of this group was also short. And what came after the band, it was my first visual kei band. It was a group before DIAURA. We had lives once a month and it worked quite well. 

34. Why did you choose visual kei?

The guitarist in my second band liked visual kei. He asked me “don’t you want to listen?” and advised me to listen to DIR EN GREY. And as then I liked punk, I thought “what is visual kei?” But when I listened to the heavy sound, it turned out to be different from what I thought it was, it was something attractive. 

35. Since the fourth group entered into a rut, how did you imagine your future?

It was still unclear. I thought “I won’t be able to feed myself”. Then the boss of our current company asked me if I wanted to work with them. However, I couldn’t decide. About two years ago the band disbanded, formed Yo-Ka’s and Kei’s band, Valluna, that also announced a decay. And then the boss turned to me: “They both want to form a new band, you do not want to stay with them for support, to play bass?”. At first I refused. Then I came to see them live, and after that, in September 2010 I met them. Yo-Ka had long blond hair, painted jacket, well, he made a bad impression. However, I was allowed to listen to the debut song «Shitsuyoku no seiiki» * and it was good. Kei’s hair was bright red, “Cool!” - I thought. However, the three of us met to discuss further actions, but the conversation did not jell. I thought “these people, in fact, do not care abot who will be in my place?” But when I listened to the song, because I myself have played the guitar, I realized that Kei wanted to express my game, I thought it was cool. And here was born the desire to do it together with them.

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Shoya’s interview for ROCK AND READ Vol. 053 (part three)


21. What music were you listening to back then?

Japanese punk. Then Hi-STANDARD and ELLEGARDEN were popular. How many times have I listened to them on repeat. Thus, these groups have been my foundation, I started listening to them, and then started to listen to western music too.

22. From Japanese to Western music. The world gradually extended.

Yes. Coming into contact with this kind of music, I found that there is still much I do not know. I think music has awakened a hunger inside of me. 

23. What did you want the most back then?

I wanted to be able to have my own speech in front of people. When I told my real father, that I began to play guitar, he bought me a very expensive guitar: “Learn from this.” So I wanted to show him how I perform with that guitar. He came to my first concert at the school festival for the first year of high school. He also comes to DIAURA’s lives. 

24. What songs did you play at your first concert?

Covers of Hi-STANDARD. I didn’t like much to stand out, but it was the first time for me when I was noticed (pointed out) and it was nice. I was a guitarist, vocalist, poet (maybe lyrcist, not sure) and I felt eyes on me very much and I was confused because of this, but it was cool. The school itself was not fun, so I skipped classes, but at the rehearsal of the club I’ve always been there. Playing along with everyone was very fun.

25. When you came to play in a group, you already lived alone? Cook your own meals?

Yes. When I lived with my family, I wasn’t too into that. But when I began to live alone, I worked in the kitchen of the restaurant, so there I was able to learn such things as, for example, the right way to cut vegetables. And then, with the help of the cooking books, I learned to cook. 

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Shoya’s interview for ROCK AND READ Vol. 053 (part two)


11. What do you think about this expression change of yourself?

I have more freedom. Originally, I thought that at the lives I have to behave freely, but typing androgyny in my way, it turned out that something should not be done or can not be, I was bound by that. Now I can express myself the way I am, and the gigs became very cheerful. 

12. If a man standing on the stage is in some doubt, he will not be able to convey the essence. From the perspective of the audience, too, is much more fun now to watch the free way. Shoya-san, what made you decide you wanted to do music? How were you as a kid? 

Initially, I had the most ordinary family. then my parents divorced and it was nothing but sacrifice. I was a restrained and humble kid. Now, even if my parents are divorced, everyone understands that it happens, and there is a certain atmosphere of acceptance. But it hasn’t been like that before. Divorce is associated with evil. What to do when friends at school know about it? How to look people in the eye? I think I was a strange child.

13. Family members?

It is also difficult. I have a younger sister whose parents are my both parents. On my father’s side I have another younger sister.Until high school my family was like that. However, later, I’ve got two brothers on my mother’s side. I am the eldest of them all, and this fact has remained constant.

14. So, the elder brother. My parents also divorced, and then the  good child disappeared. There is some part of myself which smothers in yourself. Then I was a strange child. Perhaps such a complex situation in the family has become a prerequisite for the fact that you decided to play the role required of you party, tying yourself in this way.

It is possible. I lived with my mother. It was about the middle of high school when I left home and I started living on my own. The cause of discord was the music. In elementary school I had a dream to become a stylist. I was even going to write about it in my graduation essay. However, during high school, my life was not very good, I could not get a recommendation from the school to enroll in college, and this dream had to be abandoned. At that time I was playing guitar and decided, “Then I will make a living in music.” After that, I talked to my parents. If a thing is not possible, then there’s another. But they flatly refused me, saying: “In any case, it’s not serious.” , so they didn’t give me permission. Well, there’s nothing you can do about it. And because I didn’t want to give in, I left the house. After that, I didn’t contact them. When I worked in a delivery, I’ve got into a traffic accident on a motorcycle, then 5 years later, we met again. They only asked me “so, you’re alive?”. This reminds me of some drama.

15. It was close, people often can not say anything to each other. So does that mean, you were not spoiled?

Yes. And I’m not very lenient with people. As a child, you all go with your parents somewhere, right? But I have no such memories. I didn’t like my parents, so I didn’t want to do anything with them. Even when we had to get together somewhere, they went, and I stayed home alone and playing video games. In elementary school I was in the manga club. There I was enthusiastically drawing manga, I was immersed in my own world. But I would not say that I was an introvert. I also like basketball. And so in high school I joined the handball club and plunged into it with the head. But, in the end, I threw it away.

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Shoya’s interview for ROCK AND READ Vol. 053 (part one)


1. Photoshoot in the rain. Worked Hard (or good job)

All because I’m Ame-Otoko. (Ameonna - Rain spirit in Japanese folklore). Yesterday was sunny and they promised a sunny day for tomorrow as well, raining only today. I woke up this morning, I saw that it rains and I thought “Ah, I will go nevertheless” 

2. This time the photoshoot was held in Koenji, why did you choose this place?

There are two reasons. Firstly, it is a place where I often go to have fun. I like second-hand clothes, and I come in Koenji for shopping. Among the used clothing you won’t find two of the same things. Find something it’s quite fun, so it’s fascinating. The second reason - this place due to the origins of my musically.Initially, I liked punk, so I wanted to have a photoshoot in a place with the colors of this style. Then, the memory surfaced Koenji, ShimoKitazawa and Shibuya.

3. What exactly do you like about Koenji?

I am originally from Saitama, and in Koenji the atmosphere is very similar to the place where I grew up. I feel safe here. After lives, sometimes, I come here with the band to eat and drink.

4. Today we took pictures in the parking lot, the red stairs and many other places. Shoya-san on your blog blog, you wrote: “I thought about happiness and unhappiness in the back alleys.” See you sitting in the alley, I remembered those words. I imagined that you, as at today’s photoshoot, usually wander here and there like a cat.

Well and remarkable (laughs) I love to walk in unfamiliar places. I like to walk an unfamiliar road. “And why not turn here,” - and I’m slowly going somewhere. Recently, I was walking in the Koenji area and then I found out I’ve passed two stops to Ogikubo. 

5. What do you think about when you walk?

At various times on various things. At the time I wandered around the neighborhood for a long time, it took me about 4-5 hours. I thought about music, back mentally to the past events. Whenever I start to think about something, I walk until I calm down. This leads my thoughts in order.

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The first time you kissed me, you made my dead heart start beating again
I love you
-T.D. (vaitiolo)
The urge to destroy
is also a creative urge.
Pablo Picasso (via beauteaveuglante)

信じられなかった 信じたくなかったI couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want to believe it

信じられなかった 信じたくなかった
I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want to believe it

{Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a shitty rp partner.}